Permanent Make-up: Eye Brows

The shape, size and color of eyebrows can be dramatically altered by a permanent pigment implantation procedure.

It is the ideal procedure for men and women who desire thicker and fuller brows, which is accomplished by implanting 2 to 3 different colors. This results in the illusion of depth, while appearing more natural than the application of pencil or powder.

Natural hair strokes (often referred to as “feathering”) are used to create very natural looking eyebrows.

Our free consultation addresses all the details of the eyebrow procedure. This includes taking photographs which are used in determining what you want in the way of shape, width, length and color.

So, whether you have no eyebrows, uneven eyebrows or dissatisfied with the length, width or shape our specialty is to create the perfect, natural looking eyebrow for which you have always wished.

Tamara is the absolute BEST! She performed the permanent makeup procedures for my lips, eyebrows and upper eyelids twelve years ago and I've been happy ever since. Her results are fabulous. Tamara is a perfectionist artist with shape, color and detail. I have had touch-ups every couple of years as the lips and eyebrows fade over time but I happily wear no makeup (I don't like the feel or the time spent). Just last week a stranger complemented my 'perfect lipstick color' and was so surprised when I told her it was permanent makeup; Another fun exclamation was "You mean you WAKE UP LIKE THAT!?"

Tamara is a caring professional in all respects. Her office, in a Professional Building, is comfortable, pleasant and clean with utmost care with using sterile instruments. She is also careful and conscientious with topical anesthesia for your comfort during the procedures. I know she has had many 'rescue' clients, redoing unsatisfactory results from previous practitioners, so my recommendation is to be careful and choose the BEST the first time!

Teri H.
Newport Beach, CA

My wife had her eyebrows done here, and Tamara did an exceptional job. We both agree the shape and color are perfect. We fully recommend.

Mark T.
Newport Beach, CA

Botched job needing correction - pigment turned red pink

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