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Permanent Cosmetic Make-up
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OC Permanent Make-up
by Tamara

Permanent Make-up is the perfect solution to enhance eyebrows, eyes and lips and camouflage scars without the hassle of applying make-up every single day. Just imagine having that perfect make-up all the time without the worry of faded or smudged makeup.

Through a process known as micropigmentation, which is the implantation of pigment just below the surface of the skin, your facial features can be beautifully enhanced.

Brows can be made to look soft and natural, eyes bigger and brighter lashes thicker and lips to appear fuller and more shapely by creating, correcting or changing the lip line.

With new and improved topical anesthesias, the experience of the procedure is virtually painless. You are in a private and pleasant environment which is conducive to feeling comfortable and relaxed. The equipment used in the treatment is sterile and disposable. All OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) standards of sterilization and sanitation are strictly observed and adhered to.

"I love my new permanent Make-up! Friends and acquaintances are astounded to learn I have 'no Make-up on', with a common response, 'You mean you wake up like that!?'"

T.H. Laguna Beach, CA

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